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Our Commitment

1 ticket purchased = 1 child
fed for a day

Far before the idea of starting Timeless Experience, providing lasting and concrete support to a cause that is close to our hearts was an obvious choice for us. Solidarity and mutual aid are in our DNA: these fundamental values are part of us, part of our cultural identity, part of our state of mind.
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Solidairy entrepreneurs

From the war in Africa to the explosion in the port of Beirut in Lebanon, we have seen, experienced and felt the distress of those who have nothing left. We have also been able to take part in these tremendous outpourings of spontaneous solidarity and measure their incredible power to put smiles back on faces marked by hardship.

We can all, each at our own level, help someone. We are convinced of it.

Just as we are convinced that a simple helping hand can, if not radically change the face of the world, at least change the daily life of a person in pain.
As entrepreneurs, we attach even greater importance to having a positive impact on the world around us.

Our goal

Bring meals to as many children
as possible with Share The Meal

Hunger is taking its toll all over the world. Worse, it is growing exponentially.
The cause? Inequalities, conflicts, social, climatic and economic crises. We have lived through it and the figures bear witness to it.


million people suffer from hunger, 1 person in 9


million children under the age of 5 suffer from the most deadly form of malnutrition


Every 12 seconds, a child dies of hunger

To transform our desire to reduce child hunger in the world into a useful and worldwise action, we decided to partner up with Share The Meal.
Share The Meal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) which provides the meals.
The endorsement of the UN is important to us: it attests to their credibility.

Give the best of ourselves while taking care of others

For each ticket you buy, we commit to donate €0.70 to Share The Meal. That's the amount of money the UN needs to feed a child, somewhere in the world, for a day.

Thanks to the partnership with Share The Meal, even if you don't win the luxury bag, your tickets aren’t really lost: they contribute to a good deed.

This operation allows us to pursue our desire to take a step with you towards a better world: a world without hunger.

Already 1658 meals
distributed to children
around the world …
thanks to you!

Together, let’s keep helping more and more children !