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How do I enter?
Choose how many tickets you want, test your knowledge , buy your tickets and you're in with a chance of winning the luxurybag of your dreams. It's thateasy. Find out more about how it works here.
What can I win?
Each draw gives players the chance to win a luxury bag, worth more than £1,000. Check our homepage to know more about the model you could win in the next draw.
How many tickets can I buy?
You can purchase up to 50 tickets per person, per draw.
When's the next draw?
Check our homepage to see when the next draw is taking place.
How do you choose the winner ?
We use a third party, a random number generator calledRandomdraws.
How many winners can there be?
There is only one bag winner for each draw, and runner-up prizes will be available when indicated.
How will I know if I won?
We’ll notify winners by email or directly through phone.
What if you don’t sell enough tickets?
We have a large community of subscribers, and we expect to see plenty of demand for each draw. In the unlikely event that we don't sell enough tickets, we will extend the entry period up to a maximum of three times.
Is this a lottery?
No. It's a competition - and falls under prize competitions or free draws. The outcome depends on a skill-based game.
What is a skill-based game?
A skill-based game is used to test a user's skills/knowledge of a specific subject: bags. Only correct answers to our skill-based game are taken through to the final drawing.
Who can participate?
Participants must be over 18.
Who's behind Time Less Experience?
How do ticket sales support charity?
For each ticket you buy, we commit to donate €0.70 to Share The Meal. That's the amount of money the UN needs to feed a child, somewhere in the world, for a day. Thanks to our partnership with Share The Meal, even if you don't win the luxury bag, your tickets aren’t really lost: they contribute to a good deed. This operation allows us to pursue our desire to take a step with you towards a better world: a world without hunger.Find out more here.
How many tickets are allocated for the final draw?
Our total ticket numbers fluctuate with the total value of the prize fund. We will communicate the total number of before each competition is being launched.