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How do I enter
to win a luxury bag?

Owning a bag signed by the most famous luxury brands is a dream for many women, a reality for only a few...

With Timeless Experience, we wanted a more level playing field, to give everyone a chance. Our ambition is to make luxury
more accessible, so that as many of you as possible can achieve their dream.

There is no real losing ticket

The innovative rules of Timeless Experience

The principle is innovative but also extremely simple. To begin, discover the luxury bag in play.
Imagine what you would wear if you became its lucky owner...
Read all the information about it. Everything is detailed: dimensions, second-hand value, indication of its value, etc.
Do you love it? Get in the game!

01. Select the number
of tickets that you want

Obviously, the more tickets you get, the more chances you have to win the bag. (up to 50 tickets per person.) To optimize everyone’s chance to win, the total number of tickets for sale for each bag is limited.

02. Answer the quizz

It's time to test your knowledge of luxury leather goods! No worries, this question is a given for the fashionistas and it-girls that you are. It only shows us that you are not here by chance and that for your, a beautiful bag is much more than a simple accessory.

03. Purchase the tickets

Proceed to the secure online payment of your chosen tickets to confirm your participation. Once the payment is made, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. And... That's all! Now all you have to do is to keep your fingers crossed until the live draw that will take place on Instagram. At Timeless Experience, unlike the lottery, there is always a winner!

04. Draw

No doubt or mistakes possible, we use the Randomdraws software, specialized in independent draws: the selected winner is absolutely random.
Yes, this bag worth thousands of euros can potentially be yours for the purchase of a £10 ticket for example!

The most coveted it-bags on the planet fashion await you at Timeless Experience. You want to try to be
our next winner?

There is no real losing ticket!

Didn't get lucky in the draw this time around? Relax, none of your tickets will ever be a total loss: for every ticket purchased, we donate €0.70 to the organization Share The Meal. This is the amount calculated by the UN to provide a full day's worth of meals to a hungry child in a country hit by conflict or crises..
Even if you weren't lucky, thanks to you, a child in need will have the equivalent of one day's worth of meals per ticket purchased. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for them!

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