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Second hand
luxury bags scouts

At Timeless Experience we are driven by a unique desire: to make you win the luxury handbags you have always dreamed of. Cult bags like the Timeless by Chanel or the Birkin by Hermès, timeless classics from the greatest French fashion houses, limited editions, it-bags, vintage models that have become sure values over time... So many gems that you will love to wear!

A complementary duo

In love with life and now in love in our personal lives, we are grounded in a cosmopolitan culture. We love both luxury and simplicity, the comfort of a 4 star hotel as well as the comfort of a hammock suspended between 2 trees. We cherish freedom. We are sensitive to art and aesthetics. Just like you, we have an appreciation for beautiful materials and we are very attached to the quality of the making of these pieces, down to the smallest details, revealing sharp expertise. And above all, we share fundamental values which, in our eyes, are priceless: sense of family, intergenerational solidarity, honesty and transparency. This is who we are.


Born in Annecy from her French mother and her Lebanese father who lives in the Congo, Anne-Laure has been traveling since her childhood. She was only 9 months old when the war in Congo inevitably pushed her family to move back to France. She grew up between France and Africa, where her relentless father returned once the was over. When she was 17, Anne-Laure wanted to know more about her paternal roots, she left 3 years to Lebanon on her own to pursue her undergraduate studies. However, she completely fell for his country, she actually stayed 8 years. Actually, she would probably still be there if it wasn’t for the explosion in the Beirut harbor a couple of years ago. Heartbroken to witness her second home and the places she loved destroyed, she returned to France to find stability and employment. After seeing her parents build their lives from the ground back up twice, building her own business was an obvious choice for her as well.


He wakes up every morning wondering how to improve what is, to make the lives of the people around him easier and more enjoyable. Enthusiastic, ideas rush through his head and his brain never goes to rest. This trait of character is most likely due to his uncommon life journey. He was born in West Africa in a family that has an entrepreneurial spirit to the core, and at age 13, he had to leave his native Ivory Coast to flee the war. He had to adjust very quickly to his new life in Bordeaux. Hard worker and gifted with an insatiable curiosity, he studied between France, the USA and the UK… while nurturing the idea of starting his own business, which he did, before he even graduated! Today, Florian leads and manages a 30-employee home care services company.

Giving you the chance to win luxury bags:The innovative concept of
Timeless Experience

Timeless Experience offers to women, all women, a chance to try and win the most beautiful pieces of luxury leather goods... by simply buying one or more tickets!
But how was this innovative and exclusive concept born?

Taking up the challenge to scout rare pieces

If you like beautiful bags, you know it. A new luxury bag is expensive, and actually, more and more expensive. Having saved up hard to buy her first luxury bag - a red Cassandre Yves Saint-Laurent envelope chain wallet - Anne-Laure is well aware!

However, aside from their price tag, iconic bags have become rare, if not impossible to find in stores. At best, you can be put on a waiting list without any certainty of ever being able to acquire the bag you set your eyes on. That's why, just for you, we look for exceptional gems that you won't find anywhere else. We put all our energy into finding these beautiful second hand pieces, in perfect condition.

Second-hand luxury:
a conscious choice

The choice of second-hand luxury also responds to our personal convictions and our professional ethics. By extending the life of each handbag, we are committed to contributing to a virtuous circle. In addition, the major luxury leather goods companies create high quality handbags, with materials designed to withstand the ravages of time and age without fail. Wouldn’t be a shame to deprive them of a second life with a new owner like you, ready to take care of them, to adore them, to pamper them?!

Authenticated and
hand-picked luxury bags

Just like rare pearl hunters, we strive to find second hand bags that are as good as new.
Our selection criteria are extremely strict. Each piece, no matter how iconic, is scrutinized from every angle. We do not compromise on the quality of the handbags we put on the market: it must be impeccable, down to the smallest detail. We will never compromise on the trust you place in us.
To reach this level of requirement, we have chosen to :

  • only select among the elite of the leather goods industry, the great haute-couture houses whose expertise is irrefutable
  • to work hand in hand with Élodie Violette, an expert in luxury assets quotation, state qualified and specialized in second hand luxury leather goods, to authenticate and certify each piece of our selection

Enter the Timeless Experience

Now, why not diving into the world of high fashion leather goods with us? Try to win a luxury bag for a very small fee? Imagine that for the purchase of a simple ticket at 10£ for example, you could potentially become the lucky owner of a bag worth several thousands of euros. Up until now, the dream of owning a prestigious Hermès, Chanel, Dior or Céline bag seemed out of reach but Timeless Experience invites you to make it happen. Ready to get in the game?

How does it work ?

If you win, imagine how happy you will be when you receive, at home, carefully packed in its pouch, this brand name bag that you have secretly wanted so much but could not afford. This rare piece will be all yours!

Big hearted luxury leather
good enthusiasts

Wars, dramatic conflicts, the suffering of those who have nothing or who lost it all have marked us forever... Our respective families taught us and showed us that we are stronger together, and that genuine acts of service are essential to move mountains.

It was inconceivable for us to build Timeless Experience, our own company, without honoring our family heritage, without being true to our values. We wanted to do something in our own small way for a cause that we cared deeply about.

So we decided to partner with Share The Meal to help fight child hunger around the world. We opted for concrete, efficient and useful help. For each ticket purchased, we donate 0.70 €, which is the amount calculated by the UN to feed a child suffering from hunger for a day.

Learn more about our commitment